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About Hale & Sun

My first project was as an owner builder for my young family in 1981.  After starting my business in construction I did small remodels and installed a lot of skylights.  I worked my way up into bigger projects and by the 1990's was doing large remodels, additions and some new homes.  In 2005 I was elected President of the Home Builders Association of Central New Mexico.  My goal as president that year was to establish a solid Green Building Program for the Association.  With the help of many and using background from other started programs we established Build Green NM which launched in 2006. (See Build Green NM for more info)

Since 2006 I have limited my projects to building Certified Green Homes and Green Remodels.  I go for Comfort, healthy indoor air quality and get energy and water efficiency as a bonus.  My practice is primarily referrals and people that I have met during the Green Built Tour which is an annual even every Spring in New Mexico.

The Majority of home that I have built I have also been the designer.  A simple flow chart of the process is like this.

1) Meet / discuss goals ideas and budget
2) Site Selection
3) Design Process / Bidding
4) Contract / Build

When working with another designer or Architect I like to get involved in the process as early on as possible.  In this situation we have a 3 member team with the Owners / Designer / Builder working together to build the home as the owners have envisioned.

Steve Hale in the Garden
Making compost for next years garden 
is also one of my hobbies
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