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What I do


New Home on your property

Sustainable, Comfortable Homes, usually small to medium in size (1200 to 2500 sq ft).  I incorporate passive solar where possible.  Views to the outside and how the home presents itself when arriving.  I like simple details that enhance not detract from the home.  The last 6 homes I've built have all had active solar too.


Large Residential Remodeling

For remodeling I really like to get into a total redo.  This means a lot.  You live in an area you want to stay in, the list of projects you want done involve most parts of the home.  If you are willing to move out for a while while your home is remade I may be your contractor.

Yes that is me under all the masks.  I try not to get this dirty but sometimes you just have to get to it!


Your contact with Hale & Sun

You will work with Steve Hale.  I do the design (or will work with your designer).  I present the bid and sign the contract with you.  I am on the job site much of the time.  I often work with Kory Whitezell (KWK Construction)  a dear friend, former employee and fantastic carpenter.            That's me in the garden of my last home. A hobby of mine is making  my own garden compost.  I would love to supervise the landscape installation too.  Truly turn-key!